Steam_Init() disables gamepads


I’m porting my Steam game to Unreal. For Steam integration I’m just including the Steam lib and doing all the Steam stuff in code (I’m not using UE4 Online Subsystem)

All works fine until I came to add gamepad support. Keyboard and mouse was working fine but for the life of me I couldn’t get gamepad inputs to register.

I’ve slowly been removing parts of my code and I’ve finally found that it’s calling Steam_Init() that stops the gamepad input.

I assume Steam grabs the gamepads in some way that stops Unreal reading them.

Any ideas on how to get round this? Not sure if this is a Steam or Unreal bug.

I’ve swapped to using the Online subsystem and the problem has gone away. So that’s good.

One point, the version number code in the ThirdParty build file doesn’t work if the version number ends in a zero:

        // The current SDK version number.
        double SteamVersionNumber = 1.50;
        // Mark the current version of the Steam SDK
        string SteamVersion = "v150"; // String.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, "v{0}", SteamVersionNumber).Replace(".", "");

I just hard coded mine to fix it.