Hi,I’m confused with all this networking stuff. My question is do I need to port forward if I’m using Steam.

Try AnswerHub for a question like this.

Hopefully that will get you your answer quickly.

Or try looking for Kitatus’ Steam thingy. (Sorry, that’s a precise as I can get, at the moment. He’ll be along soon to clarify , I’m sure. :slight_smile: ).

Thank you :slight_smile:

I had a quick look on his site:

It’s not a direct answer to your original question, but it should do what you want. Good luck!

I will take a look.

this might help setting it up…first download the SDK that matches with your own (it comes compiled with binary)
you have to use C++ to use Steam and you will have to use their test app id to test

Are you sure that I need to use C++ becouse I read somewhere that you can use blueprint but when you set up ini. file you dont need to make target.cs (or something like that)

From what I have been told, the multiplayer works with blueprints, but things like achiements and everything else need c++.

Ok I got it now, simple multiplayer works with blueprints but more advanced stuff only works with C ++.

While this thread is here I might as well ask, does steam handle the master server, is it really as simple as flipping the switch and your game goes from LAN to steam matchmaking? Will those LAN based server lists pick up games over the internet when you use the steam OSS?

This is the answer for my question:
Do you need to port forward if you use steam?
No,I tested with my friend and we are able to join without any problems and test id is a bit slow. :slight_smile:

Blue man, thank you so much for getting back to us with the answer. :cool:

No problem :slight_smile: