[STEAM] Write Leaderboard Integer doesnt update the stat value

Write Leaderboard creates Leaderboard but doesnt add player entries. Please help me with this. I am using engine 4.18.3

Any one facing similar issue while writing score to leaderboard ?

HI. Any luck with that??

I have also a problem with “Write leaderboard integer”. The result of the BP Node is true but I see no score added to the leaderboard in steam works. Any advises how to get “Write leaderboard integer” working?


Got it. Don’t know exactly what was the reason why it was not working, but now it works.

  • Add On Steam works “stats” pagge a new “stats config” with “API Name” entry “Leaderboardname_Leaderboardname”. (As the posts in the above link also advise)
    – Use a itself Leaderboardname without underscore “_”, just add the _ between two times the leaderboard name.
  • Add On Steam works “leaderboard” pagge a new leaderboard with name “Leaderboardname” (only one time, no underscore)
  • Start you game as stand alone game by right klick your project and launch game or start a build/cooked game. Steam integrations is in general not working in Editor game starts.
  • Of course steam has to run and your general steam connection between game and steam has to work fine. (you see in your friends list on your name that you play the ue4 game you have started when everything works fine)
  • Then for me… Blueprint node “Write leaderboard integer” works like expected and wrote its integer to the leader board.
  • I also do not face the problem that my values are just “increased”, my values are replaced. That was also my intention.

EDIT: Not fixed completly. Now I can read (read leaderboard integer) a value, update the value (write leaderboard integer), then read the updated value again (read leaderboard integer) and the updated value seems to be correct.
But log in into steamworks, it shows me that the value is not updated. Interesting on that, by restart the game the values I catch (read leaderboard integer) still have the updated values from the last game run. But still, when log into steam works and look at the leaderboard, the changes are not shown here. Seems to be the values are “somehwere” temporary(?) saved.

That’s a very annoying problem that I also have :

  • The value on steam doesn’t show what seems to be the real value …

Hey, were you able to fix the updated score, by the chance? Thanks in advance

The Steam Leaderboard functionality in UE4 built in subsystem was so very, very limited, that I tried to code own solutions and end up buying a market place asset named Steam core “steam:core” on UE4 market place. There are also other assets on market place which add more steam functionality. Even if “read leaderboard value” and “write” would work fine (which it was not), you very fast need more functions to read values from steam friends, read top ranks, read ranks around player and so on.
So, if in last UE4 updates nothing changed, then I would recommend for you also to code own solution or buy an asset for steam access (incl. leaderboard) on the market place.

Would be nice to see my answers voted up.

Steam:core seems to be in winter sale. If want to use a very stable version, consider it. This is what I work with.

Sorry, done with a vote :slight_smile: thanks a lot for providing an answer… yeah, I understand that only writing and reading integers from the leaderboard kind of not enough. I’ve found also one nice free plugin, that puts all Steam API into the blueprints, but it’s still fresh and a bit buggi. Name is SteamBridge - SteamBridge in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

I’ve found what wasn’t working for me : you must configure in your Steam leaderboard sorting as descending or you can’t increment any value …

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