[Steam Workshop Exposure Available] Looking for Atists for Unreal-Based Maps

Hello Epic Games Members!

  • modeller position:-3d Polygonal Modelling of low-mid tri-count meshes, with UVW Unwrapping Experience and Functionality.
    OD Creation (Level Of Detail) and HLOD (hierarchial LOD) is a major Plus+.
    -Creating duplicates of object models for use with Unreal Engine 4’s AEPX destruction, when an Apex model reacts dynamically to an event in the run-time level, a “Core” of the object remains, unaffected.
    -UVW Unwrapping of WorldView object models is needed, this is a high-quality task, so this is mandatory.

-Texture/Skin artists position: ability to use reference media, and develop HD images is needed. Textures and skins should be created with greyscale heightmaps/ normal maps/ and specular gloss in the workflow. References made in the Diffuse texture/ skin may not be compatible with HeightMaps/ NormalMaps/ Specular Gloss most of the time, and layers where you can create basic detailing, and keep a separated layer for adjusting the height, normals, spec gloss, in conjunction is mandatory.

The Current Project is as follows:

Project Level for Insurgency: Sandstorm, using a very interesting approach to their game’s core-gameplay… Level is named INS-SheiksEstate; The Mansion is located in a remote mountainous region of Afghanistan, and has HighTech, High-Level Security measures, a beautiful Estate Landscape, and is a CheckPoint based level where the Defenders are located inside the protected boundary area, and the attacking team must infiltrate, undetected; There are only 2 ways to infiltrate: 1: Find and demolish (C4 is available to Demolition Class in INS) the Generators that run the Security-Network, allowing penetration of the Mansion’s boundaries, 2: Navigate past the Main Gate’s Security Checkpoint with Real-Time camera detection relayed to Monitors placed throughout the level, including the Security Office, the Mansions Security Office (internal Sec Checkpint) and the Panic Room. While defenders are inside the protected boundaries of the estate, they have access to the display monitors there, where the cameras at the Entry are located and cameras relay to those monitors;
Interactive Foliage outside the boundaries, with watchtower and patrolling searchlight… as you navigate through the Foliage, it is displaced by player collision, thus leaving a trail of movement as the foliage spreads apart from the characters, and the searchlight must be observed and avoided; The searchlight may later be linked to an InfraRed-BluePrint to detect SIGINT, and set off Alarms
Lasers that when breached lock certain areas of the Mansion, and are moveable actors, meaning, they have pattern rotation that must be observed and then navigated to avoid detection.

BluePRint animator: Ability to create a network of animated meshes with PatrolPatterns, in loopable format. some triggers are on Player Encroach (collision), and need to be activated if a player, for example, touches a patrolling laser: alarms will off, sections of the mansion will close with sliding doors, and German Shepards i have rigged and animated will chase you (not 100% sure about the dogs, we can see about it)

Any and All assets you create for the project remain Your Intellectual Property and of course you can use them wherever you want, our group has no claim on your work

If you are interested, please reply here, or join Wyked Games Development Group Discord @

To begin with a Major Task description, here are reference images of what to expect to build in preparation for the Game Level:

Not to seem like a complete “tool,” however i have a rough outline of the estate’s mansion model to pre-viz and am using it as a ‘starting-point’ to brain-storm on modifying the structure, and what to expect to be building in the Level Project :wink:

The rough outline to be modified by the team’s creative input and workflow:

Hi i changed this to unpaid.

Thanks. I could have sworn i set the Prefix to Unpaid when i created the topic, i was very tired. Was it [Service] then? i get the semantics of Unpaid Vs Service, however the Steam Workshop Exposure has a likelihood of getting recruited by the Developers on-site.hmm.

I think service is for other subforums, where you offer some service.

Not to "bump… it is already at the top of the stack, and the forum seems dead neways :frowning:

A Service has many implications… You would be doing Yourself a service by choosing to participate in a Large-Scale, Interactive Project, such as the one i am involved in.

There is minimal risk (you will be creating assets for Yourself), and also getting publishing exposure to Steam Workshop, with this proposal. There is a good likelihood that New World Interactive would want a good developers on their Team.

Also, there are many other options to explore, that i couln’t mention before, as i would thusly dissolve the substance of the intended target platform.

Any Engine, any game, existing or Group Created (Our Group) ,Anything is possible… i have 2 concepts that are possible and in the genre of “Extremely Popular”: that haven’t been done, not in the scope of how FPS and TPS games are implemented. That isMY Intellectual Property. However, given that a DEVGRU needs to assemble and create productivity, it would be wise to keep details of other projects to myself pending an acceptable acquaintance with any possible team members :slight_smile:

Just remembered… i have a Middle-Eastern Themed Music Production i pleayed, arranged, composed, mixed, and mastered a while back:

Just remembered, i have a middle-eastern themed soundtrack i played, arranged, composed, mixed, and mastered a while back, at the 10th anniversary of 9/11…

made some decent progress Dumping in assets (models) and configuring geometry, lighting build is Pretty-Bad

models i have ready for normals baking:

Older stuff:

Got a texture painter artist and BluePrint designer (he’s new but learning fast) in our group now… 4 Members! w000!

I finally got to dropping roof to the first floor boundary limit for terraces, and outlines the Boolean Operation rooms, WIP:

\Might reseach the Satellite Data of Afghan, and implement this method of Landscape:

since i can find no help at the moment, i’m working alone, though i have 4 members in a dev group…

Very basic project, still acquiring assets and measuring, most of the work is done internally but a Pre-Viz is here, not too shabby for now, if you ask me :wink:

This should be requirement thread, not work in progress one.

without progress, most will see the opportunity as: “there is nothing done, i’m not interested”

I think the title itself is more of a turn off, the compensation (Steam Workshop exposure) has no real benefit to artists and Recruitment threads turned WIP threads don’t resonate professionalism generally. There are many areas you can promote WIP and modding interest for this [UNPAID] project.

To be honest, i’m not expecting “Top-level exec’s” here… modders getting involved in a group, working with a project gain experience, and from that experience, they also gain recognition… if your Opinion is that it “has no real benefit,” I’m sorry, modifying games doesn’t pay, at least not right away.

I apologize, i didn’t see the “Modding” forum as i scrolled… @Moderator, could you please move this Topic to “Modding” root-forum, please?

Again, i apologize.

Modified SearchLightBeam to be more “realistic:”

modified Mansion’s exterior structure to allow for Vaulting (climbing) to the 2nd floor via props and a second climb to the canted rooftops:

I am moving this topic to Work in Progress.
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