Steam Work on BP

HI UE4 team,

1- Please expose Steam Work to BP such as leaderboard i don’t think we as user have to pay 110$ to buy such basic feature from the marketplace when its something really important that UE4 must have in the first place.
2- Fix the ping of steam subsystem as right now it read 999 unless you fix it from the source, another basic thing must be fixed on the engine and its really important.


Any feedback please from official team?


1 - Very soon you will no longer “need” to pay 110$ for this basic feature. There is a smaller line of products in the submission process, which will be priced at 20-30$. The specific feature you are asking for will be packed with stats and achievements inside a 30$ product.

2 - Fixed! This basic fix will also be available in a medium-sized plugin, priced at 70$ (current plan).

Best wishes!

P.S. You don’t “need” to buy anything. This is a free world we’re living in.

HI Vlad, your work is really great it have a lot of feature and worth the price if you ask me but still not everyone can pay 70$ for only getting the leaderboard work which UE4 should already fixed it without external plugin. and a ping not working on native UE4 is unbelievable i wounder how many years will take Epic stuff to fix these basic things.
If your price was 30$ i would got it long time ago but still external plugin is not something we should use for some basic stuff like steam leader board.
But yeah thanks for your replay when epic team don’t replay to their official forms.

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leaderboards were improved in the 4.20 release actually. Don’t think the patch notes mentioned that.

Yeah i looked everywhere on the release note and didn’t find anything, worth checking it out and hopefully the fixed it.