Steam VR running audio after shutting down project.

Hey K Yanchev,
Thanks for the info.
Thing is, though I’m using the SteamVR module, I’m doing a single player game and only running one single instance it/the editor.

It is the Steam Home thing. Check your Task-Manager there is a Task from steam called Steamtours.exe
is the birds nest…

Running 4.16.1.

Steam VR seems buggier than it was in 4.15

Ever since upgrading to 4.16/4.16.1 I’m finding Steam VR is losing its connection with the HMD far more often than it used to, i.e., couple times a day, opposed to a couple times a week in 4.15.

Loss of connection sometimes happens when I relaunch a project after shutting it down (my PC specs are low so I have to shutdown the project after a couple hours to free up ram).

is how I shutdown projects:

Save All

Close all tabs individually

Save All (again)

Click the X in the upper-right corner of the main project window to shutdown the project

Just noticed something strange just now. After shutting down a project (having run it for about 40 min.), Birds were chirping! It’s the sample environment audio that comes with Content Examples.

I thought I was losing it. Checked task manager and confirmed no projects were running.

Tried relaunching the 4.15 version of the same project and the birds kept chirping and I couldn’t do VR preview. So I killed the project again and killed Steam VR. The instant Steam VR closed out, the birds stopped chirping.

Steam VR was the culprit. It somehow decided to play the audio (even though I hadn’t actually PIE’d the level, let alone loaded the map, that plays that audio.

I don’t have time to give more detailed steps and verify that it’ll happen in a blank project. I’m sure it would though, seeing as my project is basically just a VR template. Just thought I’d report issue.

I’ve also been receiving a warning I’ve never received before, despite my workflow being exactly the same:

Only One game instance allowed.

About the warning, it means that you won’t be able to launch two instances of your game if it uses the SteamVR module. I found while trying to test multiplayer locally.

VR dev is way more unstable for me in 4.16 than it was in 4.15.
I frequently run into an issue of not being able to PIE all of a sudden fsr.

Thank you for describing where is coming from. I never new such a task/process existed. I was able to get around it just by killing SteamVR.

I basically just have to make sure SteamVR isn’t running whenever I launch a project. For me, was never a problem on 4.15. On 4.15 I just had to make sure I didn’t open 2 projects at once while VR is connected.

Now I have to make sure I kill Steam VR everytime I shutdown a project, as it seems Steam VR doesn’t always properly clean up the old project once it’s shut down.