Steam username

I have integrated this into my project (4.13.2)

I was wondering if its possible to get my steam name from it. So what i mean is when i kill an enemy it should be — Player Name Killed Enemy Name
The player name should be the same as the players steam name so my steam name is "--" so it should be — -- Killed Enemy Name

How would i be able to get the steam name of the player automatically so the player does not need to type it in.

this is the steam overlay on the standalone game: Screen capture - 061e15aff0b711bdbd8445f8b50c434e - Gyazo

Never mind i found it. For anyone else who wants to know all i did was “GetPlayerState GetPlayerName PrintString” The reason it wasnt working when i tried this before was because i didn’t start my game in standalone so it wasnt getting the steam name it was getting some random name.