Steam Session Settings Not Working

So basically we’ve been having this very persistent problem with Steam lobbies and what seems like shadow session settings that override the settings we set using C++. When we create a session, we can see the session over the steam network. The settings will correctly apply the NumPublicConnections, to where I can see the correct amount of slots in the game. The problem starts when joining the session. First of all, after one player connects, the game will instantly close to any new connections, regardless of the NumPublicConnections set in session settings earlier. Logs also confirm that the session NumPublicConnections is apparently correct; however we get locked out after 1 player joins.

The second error we have is regarding the bAllowJoinInProgress variable. Even though we set this variable to false, joining in progress is allowed; with the same 2 player cap mentioned before.

The build is set to Shipping, and is cooked for Windows. Also, it’s worth noting if multiple players try to connect simultaneously, we can (sometimes) bypass the NumPublicConnections error.

I have the source code and can get some good log information if anyone needs more info.