Steam SDK versions in 4.13

In 4.13, the OnlineSubsystemSteam plugin defines:

string SteamVersion = "Steamv132";

And the build file in a new project says:

// To include OnlineSubsystemSteam, add it to the plugins section in your uproject file with the Enabled attribute set to true

So, after enabling OnlineSubsystemSteam in the editor Plugins window, the last step is to download the Steam DLLs and drop it in


If you look closely at the the above path, it says Steamv137 instead of Steamv132. Is this going to be a problem? Or should I definitely be using the v132 DLLs instead?

Hey aoakenfoArchiact,

I made a project on my end using 4.13 and all I had to do to use the Steam SDK was go to the plugins window in the editor and turn it on with the check box and add the following the project DefaultEngine.ini:





There is more information here on the Steam SDK:

With that said, I do not think the name of the folder is going to be an issue.

If you continue to have an issue using the Steam SDK, please post again.

Are the lines added to my source code needed anymore for steam when activating the plugin?
I have bUsesSteam = true; in my *.target.cs files
DynamicallyLoadedModuleNames.Add(“OnlineSubsystemSteam”); in my *.build.cs file

I have


in my build.cs file only.

It seems to work without bUsesSteam now, if you enable the Steam plugin under Edit->Plugins->Online Platform

i think what is new steam setup should be done for project? was documantation updated? (as i can see it is not)

I would like to know this as well… I can’t get Steam working for 4.13 when taking these steps:

  • Enable the steam plugin
  • Uncomment PrivateDependencyModuleNames.Add(“OnlineSubsystem”);
  • Add the following to DefaultEngine.ini




Is there something I’m missing?

I have just enabled STEAMWORKS in 4.13 by downloading latest sdk 137

//STEP 1
, created folders in root of you project folder — > Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/SteamWorks/Steamv137/Win32

then go to programFiles(x86) and copy steamclient.dll, tier0_s.dll ,vstdlib_s.dll to Win32 Folder and steam_api64.dll, steamclient64.dll, tier0_s64.dll to Win64 Folder ,

than go to your downloaded SDK and find steam_api.dll and steam_api64.dll and copy to folders WIN32 & WIN64 too

in Defaultengine.ini copy →





in EDITOR/Plugins/OnlinePlatform/ enable “Online Subsystem Steam”

//Step4 important !! – > Play Standalone Game

you will see STEAM at bottom right corner
press SHIFT + Tab