STEAM SDK 141 not working?

I am trying to integrate the newest steam sdk 1.41. Its not working the steam overlay never comes up and it still says that its ruining the older version and not the newer version. Anyone else had this issue? I have done all the tutorials I have found but most of them are a year or two old.
Thank you for your time!

Hi there,

Our team is having the same issue as you! Have you had any luck fixing this? Would be awesome to get ours working again too!



I am also having this issue, were you able to find the cause?

Will post on here if I find it for other people.

Ok so… v132 of the sdk currently cannot be replaced without a full rebuilding the editor from source, we will need to stay with v132 if we don’t wish to do this.

You can actually get older versions at : Steamworks

You need to login to steamworks first of course.