Steam ping issue

ok so weve finally got steam sdk integrated to our project. all players can host , find and join sessions which is awesome. The only problem is on every server it always lists the ping as 9.99999
as shown here

howether in game the game runs normal there is no lag.

any ideas how to fix this anyone ??? thanks

Would be nice if you could show us the UMG/widget (in blueprint perhaps) to help us understand why it’s at 9.999. :slight_smile:

by the looks of it you used this tutorial (Unrealtek) aside from that tut being a hot mess (his doesn’t even work in the vid) there is nothing driving the ping value in the server list widget

i used the multiplayer shootout project made by unreal and then just changed the map and the characters. like i said it all works the only thing is the ping.

here is the function they are using to get the ping variable.

ahh yep i got ya now :slight_smile: do you get a ping playing just the shootout game?

what u mean without changing anything?

yeah like can you package the shootout and test to see if the ping works, that way you can rule out if its the code from the project or something else

yeah its the package game im talking about . you cant test steam from in the editor even in standalone it doesnt work.

i just packaged shootout for 10.1 and 11 tested both packaged and standalone, both had same results no ping shown. i just wanted to rule out any networking stuff that might be interfering with getting the ping, ill keep playing around with it to see whats up, if i find a way to get it working ill post it for you. :slight_smile:

Hey just seeing if anyone knows the solution ??