Steam packaged save game issue


So I got a weird bug being reported on my game’s steam forums and I honestly am not able to figure out the issue. Basically the user was playing the game and there was a power outage. After that the game won’t create any savegames. I asked him to delete the entire folder and now the game won’t even start. It seems this might be an issue regarding Steam/ the PC but I was wondering (hoping) if anyone has an idea what the problem could be?

I’ll link back to the actual forum so you can read up on the problem as I was troubleshooting it.

Thanks in advance…

I haven’t enabled steam cloud (to my surprise I thought I did).
This kind of pinpoints the issue away from steam then and must be something to do with his system.

The game’s been out for quite some time and for me and pretty much everyone else the save system works, he also confirmed it worked fine before the power outage.

I just cannot think of how there’s a disconnect now between t he game itself and the savegame location…

Just for reference I created a simple system that checks if a savegame exists or not when the game boots up. This is done within the game mode itself and it’s the first thing the game does when it’s booted up.

It boggles my mind tbh at this point.

Some things going through my mind are:

  1. Do keep the folder.

  2. Does the user have steam cloud turned on? It could be re-writing the save game to empty ( long shot ).

  3. If so, did you specify the correct path for steam cloud? ( in the steam config ).

It does sound like the machine…