Steam Overlay Works, Create Session doesn't?

I package the game for Shipping on Windows 64-bit, add it as a non-steam game, have added the appid.txt, and have added all the code needed in the .cs and .h Visual Studio Files.

The game loads fine, Steam is connected and the overlay works, but when I create a lobby, it seems as if it is a LAN lobby because I can see my computer’s name rather than my Steam name.

I have added all the .dlls, and followed every tutorial there is.

I have Advanced Sessions installed, Subsystem plugins enabled, etc etc. Though I haven’t used any of the Advanced Sessions nodes, like ‘Create Advanced Session’ because I didn’t need to on the Development build, do I just add some Blueprints where if they choose a Steam game, it creates an ‘Advanced Session’, if LAN, just a regular “Create Session”

Thank you.