Steam Overlay Not Working

I have done exactly as in this tutorial. But in editor (Opening as standalone game of course) the Steam overlay does not work.

I package my project for shipping, then in Steam I add it as a Non-Steam game. Then the Steam overlay works, but the achievements I have added by blueprints don’t work.

EDIT: I have managed to make Steam overlay appear by renaming the Steamv135a folder (which is current version of it) to Steamv132. While packaging the game, UE looks for Steamv132 folder. How can I change it so while packaging the engine looks for the latest version?

  • Steam overlay is disabled when game is running in Editor.
  • To have Achievements, you must have your own Steam AppID and setup the achievements server side in Steamworks control panel.

Hi, as I’ve mentioned I am running it as standalone game. That way it should work. As an appid I am using 480 which is ok for testing.

Don’t use the latest version; Use the one Epic provides in UE4 for you or else you have to change engine source code and rebuild it yourself.

Also you can’t add achievements using the AppId 480;
You can only test the achievements that Valve have already set there in 480, these:

Yes, later I have added my own AppID and it worked fine.

Where can I find the SDK that Epic provides?

The SDK is already shipped within Unreal, you only need to activate it! To do that, go inside your DefaultEngine.ini and paste this at the end of the file:





That should start Steam with Spacewar and the overlay should works.

UE4.10 already has 1.32 built in;

Ok, thanks.

I see. Another thing, uploading the project to Steam via an older version of SDK won’t make any issues I hope? I mean 1.32 as now it is.

Probably way too late to answer, but if you were googling and ran across this thread (like myself) - make sure the actual steam client is running too. That’s a simple one that I actually brainfarted on for a while.

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Later I fixed it but I don’t remember how.