Steam Overlay not shown on macOS


Okay, I was able to launch Steam API on UE4.26 on macOS. It was hard, but no errors available:

> LogSteamShared: Display: Loading Steam SDK 1.47
> LogSteamShared: Display: Loaded libsteam_api.dylib at 0x7ff1ca4a2860
> LogSteamShared: Steam SDK Loaded!
> LogOnline: OSS: Creating online subsystem instance for: Steam
> LogOnline: STEAM: FOnlineSubsystemSteam::InitSteamworksClient
> LogOnline: STEAM: SteamAPI Client is Initialized (Handle)
> LogOnline: STEAM: Steam User is subscribed 1
> LogOnline: STEAM: [AppId: 1307670] Client API initialized 1
> LogOnline: STEAM: Initializing SteamNetworking Layer
> LogOnline: STEAM: Missing P2PCleanupTimeout key in OnlineSubsystemSteam of DefaultEngine.ini, using default
> LogOnline: OSS: TryLoadSubsystemAndSetDefault: Loaded subsystem for module [Steam]

Looks like all works fine except one thing. There is no Steam Overlay!!! :mad:

No overlay in editor, no overlay in game, even no overlay in game uploaded direct to Steam.

My system: Mac mini (M1, 2020), macOS 11.2.1, UE 4.26.1

Help me please, I don’t know where to start searching the cause of this problem. :frowning:

Hi, did you find a solution or any hints about this? I’m in the same situation - latest UE, Steam works, but no overlay even when installing the uploaded game through Steam. Overlay works for other games on the same machine, and I’ve tried several different Macs (from M1 to ~5 years old).

No, I don’t found any solution neither here nor Discord. Looks like nobody publish macOS games in Steam. :slight_smile:

Hi there! I was wondering if you’re able to walk me through what set up is necessary to get Steam working for multiplayer through Mac? I have a project working through Steam multiplayer on Windows but it doesn’t work on Mac (no overlay + can’t find any hosted sessions) :frowning: