Steam Overlay not showing, I've tried all of the tricks

I’m following through this tutorial series for setting up a multiplayer game, and right where I linked the video I’m experiencing issues. In this video, he says if I run a standalone version, or right click the project file and choose “Launch Game” that it will actually show the steam overlay.

I know that the video is for an older version, so I went digging.

I found this answer in this forum post that I tried and adding this to the engine didn’t work.

To confirm:

  1. I have enabled Online Subsystem Steam plugin
  2. I have updated my DefaultEngine.ini file for the project
  3. I have tried with and without the added extra line from the answer in the other forum post.

I have tried:

  1. Standalone launcher from the series
  2. Right click and launch game from the project folder
  3. from CMD, launching the ue4editor, project, and the -game tag.

All 3 launched the game, but overlay was not involved.

To add, it would seem that the build works with the overlay just fine. I can see why this is the way it is, but it did stop my learning process to troubleshoot an issue I didn’t know wasn’t an issue.

I would have to build and put the build on another pc to test connectivity with steam either way, but yeah… just a little frustrating.