Steam OS Packaging how to do this?

Ok so I was under the impression that Steam OS along with Linux was going to be an option with 4.1. However I don’t see this feature in the packaging area under file Packaging. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I need to get this up on steam in less than 2 weeks.


Linux support (which also means SteamOS as it is same Linux as any other, in fact based on Ubuntu) for now is not supported by prebuilt version of engine, you need to download source code and compile with Linux support for yourself, you will also need cross compiler which you can find here:

Thanks but that link seems to be dead

SteamOS is currently supported as part of the Linux target. You will need to use the GitHub source, along with the optional zip and the Linux cross-compiler toolchain to enable Linux support.

EDIT: I would also recommend against putting a Linux UE4 game up on a store for now. Current Linux support is very very rough, and there are several issues (sound doesn’t work, binaries are not automatically created w/ the executable bit, etc.) that we are working to resolve for future updates…

The link works, please make sure you are logged into GitHub though.

Yea i forgot to note that sorry ^^’ also to set GitHub account in your Unreal profile