Steam Not Working in 4.26.2?

I am working on hooking up steam to my game. Its a c++ based project. I have followed like every tutorial I can find and none of them work. Any help would be great.

Works fine for me. Enable the steam plugin, set up your config files, and make sure to start the game in standalone mode when starting through the editor.

I have turned the plugin on, the config file is set up. I have tried in standalone and in a built project.





WizardWarsPC.Build.cs (1.1 KB)
WizardWarsPC.cpp (235 Bytes)
WizardWarsPC.h (228 Bytes)
WizardWarsPC.Target.cs (433 Bytes)
WizardWarsPCEditor.Target.cs (447 Bytes)

I have also tried uninstalling the engine and re installing it. I cant even get one of the template projects to work.