Steam multiplayer in unreal engine 4.24

I have been using this tutorial ( to try and create a basic steam game in unreal engine 4.24, however after I followed the tutorial up until the point when it said you could see the steam overlay when you run the game in standalone editor mode, upon which I couldn’t get the steam overlay to appear does anyone know how to get the steam online subsystem to work? Thanks p.s I’m not sure if this is the right place for this

Currently using this with our own project, I’m not going to lie finding documentation/tutorials for steam multiplayer is horrible. It’s either really out of date, doesn’t exist or is just thrown together in a non practical sense.…Neukirchen.pdf
This has done wonders for us too!

Ok will try those!


When you actually communicate with steam about putting your game on their platform they give you the documentation on how to get it to work. If you cant find the resources needed then you arent talking with steam and arent ready to integrate it into your game.