Steam Multiplayer - Clients are not moving and Projectiles are freezing...

sorry for my bad english:D
I am using advanced sessions and my character(Client) are freezing in the multiplayer. Server is normal.
the player who created the server can move but client can’t…I had set color for my other players(
other players will appear blue), but he doesn’t show up on the customer. Clients’ projectiles freezing in the space…
Everythings works in unreal engine editor but packpaged game is not working properly

Edit: I think this situation originates from the game state. because the same thing happens when I don’t connect game state to game mode in the editor. I think it takes a long time to load. the problem fixed after waiting. but it took too long … How can I fix this…

Check that Game Mode is inherited from AGameMode (not from AGameModeBase) and in it GameStateClass is inherited from AGameSate (not from AGameStateBase).

Thank you for the answer… I checked what you said everything is normal but the client is still not moving…

I tried with 2 different steam accounts. 2 different location and internet. 2 accounts have the same download region

are you replicating movement on the projectiles ? (class defaults)

Yes sir. I replicated. Works fine in the editor but don’t work in packaged project . Host can move but client not.

I think this problem is loading problem because sometimes it’s working(my first try is worked). Client can’t see other player color change(I changed color of the other players blue on event begin play)… Client is hangs in air…:confused:

And one more thing, ping is 9999.