[Steam] MIND: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition RELEASED!

First of all, you can see some wip work here MIND: Path to Thalamus - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums and the twitch I did with epic games here: MIND: Path to Thalamus & Apr #ue4jam Kickoff | Developer Interview | Unreal Engine - YouTube

So yeap, Mind is full ue4 vr compatible now! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Enhanced Edition Features

  • Play the game in Virtual Reality for a full immersive experience. Oculus and Vive compatible, including dk2 and Vive dev hardware.
  • Integrated VR Olive control scheme: more immersion, less dizziness.
  • Powerfull new Unreal Engine 4 engine gaining even 70% more performance in almost every level.
  • Steam controller, keyboard, gamepad and VR controllers 100% supported and configurable.
  • 4 secret levels, redesigned interactive ending, narration and also an alternative ending.
  • More than 40 different, creative puzzles seamlessly integrated into the environment.
  • 6 ways to affect the environment in order to solve the puzzles.
  • More than 25 distinct landscapes into with which you will be able to interact.
  • Turn day to night, make it so everything is covered by a blinding fog, summon incredible storms, travel to the past and make use of even more as of yet unknown mechanics.
  • More than an hour of voice acting that, while integrated into the gameplay itself, will tell you a whole story that is not about saving the world but about living through the pain of a father broken by his mistakes.
  • Face down imposing enemies by using your creativity and everything you have learnt along the way.
  • 22 achievements full of Easter eggs and references.
  • OST and Artbook included.

Peace :slight_smile:


Oh wow, this is beautiful and absolutely amazing for lovers of abstract work and imagination. It makes me want to go into those worlds and especially the one with the massive rock or whatever that came down with the slam. Man I wish I have an oculus to experience that as if I was there. D:

ha got the last key :stuck_out_tongue: