STEAM - Map not showing up after upload

I just uploaded it like 10 min ago. the upload went SUPER fast though so i’m wondering if that is the issue.

I didn’t remove anything so I’m not sure why i get this error page when I click the link

got the same error…
copied my map to new folder and added harvestable stuff in it and cooked /uploaded it under new workshopitem, that works for me

so I have to copy all of it to a new folder?
there are like 10 sublevels.

UPDATE: I have been able to play it locally in the actual game but a LOT of stuff is missing.

Do I need to manually add every single sublevel into the cook process? i thought this did it automatically

Anyone have any clues why i’m missing so much stuff?

the giant bridge I have for example, the legs are the only thing when I play the mod in the game, but that bridge is part of the main map i’m playing as are its legs.

all the stuff in my new cave…nothing …only some simple stuff. but the sublevel for the cave was cooked I saw it.

I’m lost.

its also showing me every sublevel in the maps section of the UI in game…it should only show the main map…but it doesn’t.