Steam Link On-Screen Keyboard Support?

So I’m mid way into development of a 4 player local coop splitscreen game and I’ve been working on the character creation widget today, but I ran into a snag I hadn’t thought of. Short of making my own slate based on screen keyboard, I don’t know how to utilize native on-screen keyboards for a game pad. Specifically, does Steam or the Steam Link have some sort of on-screen keyboard support built in that I can use somehow, or will players have to use a wireless keyboard or something on their couches (or my hacked together on-screen widget keyboard)?

I’d love to see my game on consoles, but I don’t know how feasible that is anytime soon, so I’m just worried about PC, primarily Steam right now.

Currently I’m just using a name generator for naming characters/save slots but more information about my options would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

So I just jumped into Big Picture mode with a gamepad on Steam and there’s definitely a controller supported keyboard built in. I’m assuming that once I’m ready to stick the game on Steam I’ll just need to do some fancy API work to integrate it.

This probably means that if I want to release on like GOG or another platform without native keyboard support then I’ll have to build my own keyboard or do without one, I assume. Can anyone confirm this though? Or is there a way around this?