Steam license or direct license?


I’m a Reality Capture user from almost 2 years, always paying the 3 months license on Steam. I have to renew it in 10 days and I’m thinking about it because the 3 months of Reality Promo steam license is more expensive than buying through you directly.

But before cancelling the steam license renew, I prefer to ask: some reason to continue renewing the steam license?

Thanks in advance

Alberto Moreno


Hello Alberto,

it depends on your current needs. Steam license is currently our only floating license. RealityCapture Promo does not require permanent internet connection (you need active internet connection only during exporting the results) but the license is locked to a single PC during the activation period. 

You can find all the supported features in all our stand-alone licenses as well as their restrictions here:

Thanks, Zuzana. Then I’ll renew my Steam license, because sometimes I use Reality Capture in the laptop. But, why is a bit more expensive in Steam now?

The prices of Steam licenses as well as discounts may vary depending on the country and their policy.