Steam leaderboards with bluprints?

Is it possible to create Steam Leaderboard system with just blueprints? I have tried to google it, but haven`t been able to find an answer.
Achievements and stats were easy to create and get working.

Hey Manatee,
I am actually looking for the same answer. What I have found so far is a bit disappointing.

Only some leaderboard functions are exposed to blueprints, you can only write to leaderboard, read and flush. Compare to what Playfab plugin provides, this is it not enough to make a solid leaderboard for Steam. The other functions are available in C++ class, like get leaderboard for friends or around player…

So to add up to your question, can someone show us how to expose these functions to Blueprint (I know you can do it as I had to expose getSteamTicket and it worked, I had to follow a step by step tutorial).


I am also searching for this at the moment. Did you find any solution?

Answer, but just for the “write leaderboard integer” part:…ed#post1813920

Still looking how to use the rest of steam leaderbaord functions in BP.

Hey, have you found something on this topic? Any solutions? I would even take a C++, but I need a detailed guide…

I change to a UE4 Market place assets called SteamCORE (or steam core). You will find it simply seaching for steam core. There some more assets make leaderboard support. As I know, leaderboard API is (nearly) not exposed to BP. Also I am not sure if C++ is correctly working for leaderboard. I made different questions on the steam assets in the marketplace. Got some answers. Perhaps take a search on steam market place assets and have a look if they have leaderboard support or not and alsp look in their question section.

I tried also to get leader board support by myself, also wirh c++. But i gave up. I am not sure anymore what was the problem, but I think it was that also in c++ most steam leaderboard funcionality was not accessible. Some was working, some not. But I am not sure. Steam Core plugin on marketplace access the orginal steam API, so for steam you should be save using that. But as I said, you will find more steam assets on the market place. Perhaps you have other needs.