Steam Leaderboards - How do I set this up? (BP project)

Hi there. My game has been greenlit on Steam and I’m going through the process of setting up some of the Steam integration stuff. I’ve managed to get achievements working by following the tutorial:

I am however, having trouble with setting up Leaderboards. I’ve so far not been able to find a tutorial focusing on this in the forums or documentation. I think I my issue is that I don’t know what to write in the DefaultEngine.ini file (if anything). In the case of achievements, you have to declare each one in the .ini file for them to work correctly, as below:


So I am assuming the something similar needs to be done for the leaderboards too (?). However, I’ve no idea what the format is for declaring a leaderboard.

Any help welcome,


i need to :frowning:

I don’t suppose there’s a solution for this yet? :frowning:

My advise is to have a look at the webapi of steam, which you can use to update achievements/leaderboards etc… What we do in our game is actually call the steam backend from our own server. It you have a single player only game that is probably not an option though.

have you found out how to do it yet?