Steam invite received delegate or custom message


We’re trying to recreate a party/lobby feature like seen in Scavengers, COD Warzone e.g. where friends can join a session (lobby menu map) together, and when done customizing their player press a ready button to connect to a server together.

I have most of it working, players can join a friends session by Steam invite, and show up together in a lobby map. Once both players are ready, it then connects to a dedicated (steam) server.

However, I’d like to have all the session invites and accept prompts in the game itself. Currently you have to alt-tab to steam in order to accept the invite.

It would be rather easy to fix, if it wasn’t for FOnSessionInviteReceivedDelegate being disabled, and not being called…

//*** Session Invite Received From Friend ***//

I’ve been searching everywhere for a possible solution. I know there’s tons of questions (and frustration) about this by many users, but still can’t find an actual answer on how to get this working.

Does anybody know a different approach on how to do this?
Is there any other way to get a message across to a specific friend, in case he/she IS running the same game but NOT connected to the same session?
Or is there a way to call that existing disabled delegate mentioned above?

any help is much appreciated!!
thank you in advance!


Hi Frank, did you ever find a solution to this? I’ve got the same problem, would like to display invites in-game.

Same problem. FOnSessionUserInviteAcceptedDelegate is firing but FOnSessionInviteReceivedDelegate is not. Very strange.

Our delegate is not firing probably because we’re sending invite via Steam Shift+Tab. Friends Interface has SendInvite function, I’ll try this function and share the results.

The functions inside Friends Interface are not implemented also. :frowning: