Steam integration not working on a Shipping Build

Hello all,

I’m having issues on getting the player’s Steam nickname via Blueprints. What I’m doing is getting the “Player State”, and from there pulling “Player Name”. That gives me the correct Steam nickname for that specific player. However, this only works when I’m launching the game from inside the Editor. It stops working when I try it on the shipping build, and instead of the player’s steam name, I only get the word “Player”.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there another way to access the player’s name on Steam from a blueprint?


Hey Bruno,

Not sure “Feedback for Epic” is the right place to ask this…

But maybe this helps:

I worked a lot with BP and Steam in the past few weeks but never run into this problem. Can you make sure that Steam is actually running in your shipping Build? Is the Steam Overlay (shift + tab) accessible from your Shipping build?
If not, you are probably using a Steam App Id like 480 while developing. In order to use a shipping build without going through steam itself (starting the game through steam), you’d need to create a steam_appid.txt file with the App ID (like: 480) in it and copy it to the ShippingBuildFolder\WindowsNoEditor\projectnamefolder\Binaries\Win64 or similar (the folder in which you also find the -Shipping.exe). In the Editor, it uses the Steam App Id specified in the config files.

That’s the first thing I thought of after reading your post.

Let me know if it worked out for you.

Regards Michael


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