Steam integration for beginner

Hi all, I wanted to have my game use steam but all the tutorials are either c++ or really hard to follow, is there an easy way to set up my game using the steam network to have matchmaking with friends and achievements ect. Thanks

Use the Steam Setup Utility from Garner.

Thank you so much this looks great, i was also wondering how you would actually take advantage of steam in a multiplayer game and be able to do matchmaking, do you have any idea? thanks again!

I looked at that Steam Setup Utility before… I have yet to figure out why it is needed, perhaps just if you have a C++ project… but for blueprints only…

There are LOADS of little bits of info on setting all this up, but all of that is not needed. With 4.9.1, they put all the Steam SDK files where they need to be, so all you need to do is edit a config file. Wherever you store your projects, you want to go to /Unreal Projects/LearnBP/Config/DefaultEngine.ini. Open it up, and add the following:




If you have a line where OnlineSubsystem is set to Null, just remove that and put the above in it’s place. The 480 is the ‘test’ app ID for steam.

Now when you compile and pack and run from the packed game, if you are logged into Steam, you will see a little message from Steam in the bottom left of your game window, and can hit Shift-Tab to pull up the in game Steam stuff. This let’s you know it is working.

As of now, you will not see this if you PIE (Play in editor). Not sure why, but it is known that it does not work there.

I did this with 4.9.2 but I don’t get the steam overlay when I play :confused: