Steam ID and dedicated server

Hello There,

I’m kinda new to the Unreal Engine and I was able to do some tutorials using steam.

But I have some Questions:

The only way to get a players Steam64ID is to use this plugin?

(beside implementing it by my self)

And to get a Dedicated server running I found this toturial How To Make A Dedicated Server - Unreal Engine 4.25 - YouTube

These are the current state of the art ways to get a players Steam ID and setup a Dedicated server?

The Steam ID is requiered to store player spezific information on the server (example: inventory, character)

Unique ids in UE4 are all end up in the PlayerState.
In C++, this is simple matter : PlayerState->GetUniqueId().
Unfortunately, GetUniqueId() is not Blueprint exposed, so its all up to whether or not the session plugin exposes it in one form or another.
i.e. as string value.