Steam Game


I’ve got a quick question.
If I make my game using Unreal Engine and I use the Steam library and everything needed for Steam to work with my game.
Do I need to add a protection/verification if the user has bought the game via Steam or something like that? Or will Steam automatically do that and I don’t need to check if the user has bought the game.

Thanks in advance

You will need to use Steam authentication.
Never done it via the OSS, so apologies, I can’t point you to the right functions off the top of my head.
There is a Steam specific version of the Advanced Session plugin that may?

I have a Steam Plugin (SteamCore::](SteamCore in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)) that you can use to authenticate / validate players.

Check out the documentation here

So basically just the Steamworks SDK?

I don’t know, I haven’t used it (Steam specific Advanced Session plugin).

There are various plugins you can use - Uworks, Steamcore.
UE4.24 made things easier by adding the SteamShared module:

With that you could roll you own more easily.

But what I mean is, do I need to add some coding checks to see if the user has bought the game, or do I just need to add a Steam SDK/API and it will be self-checked by the SDK/API without additional code needed.

You will need to use the Steam SDK / API after a player connects to verify with Steam that they own the game, then take appropriate action.
e.g. kick them from the server.