Steam Game Language Setup?

How is it possible to get different languages available to Steam Users for a game by right clicking on the game under Games List, selecting Properties and going to the Language tab to select the User’s preferred language?

As far as I know, there is currently no UE4 support for grabbing a Steam User’s selected language. This is possible to do, but will require C++ code changes in the Steam OnlineSubSystem part of the engine.

I know to swap out languages strings must be in the form of text variables. But how would you even be able to support selectable languages inside the game’s menu settings? Would it be uploading fonts that support each character used within it’s language? Does UE4 automatically translate it?

Your fonts will need to support all characters required for languages you wish to support. If you use FTexts in your code, or Text variables in blueprint, everything will be translatable. UE4 does not automatically translate your strings, instead it creates string tables of all your text which you can have translated. You can find more about setting up localization here: Localization | Unreal Engine Documentation