Steam Friends requires AdvancedSessionGameInstance but I am using a standard GameInstance. Help!

So I was following a nice tutorial on Youtube when suddenly I see I need another type of Game Instance to access some nodes there. Well, ■■■■. The Game Instance I have is filled with code and I don’t see how I can change it so deep in production. Am I missing something? Isn’t there only one Game Instance? How can I get Steam Friends to work then?

You don´t need another Instance.

If you are using the default premade GameInstance, create a new one from scratch. Simply righclick your Content Folder, Create basic Asset -> Blueprint Class. Open the Collapsed Box for “All Classes” and type Gameinstance into the searchfield. Select it!
This Gameinstance ist 1:1 the default gameinstance of the Engine. But, you can manipulate it :wink:

Now, open your custom Gameinstance.
Click on Class Settings. in the Top Header.
You now see the Class Options (per default) on the right side.
Look for the “Parent Class” Option. Change it to the AdvancedSessionGameInstance, instead of the simple GameInstance.
Look for the “Implemented Interfaces”. Hit “Add” and add the AdvancedSession Interfaces here.

Go into your Project Settings. Head to “Maps & Modes”. At the Bottom, you can select a Gameinstance. Select your custom one here.

That´s all.

Thanks a lot for your help! You are a life saver. Really appreciate taking the time to post that.

Thanks again!

I modified my game instance but I am having this error in the attachment. Since I swaped the Create Session with the Create Advanced Session the game works fine in Standalone but when I build and want to play I get disconnected from my lobby that used to work. So the multiplayer works in standalone but not when built. And so far I have changed only this one node. Also, the server hosts for a second then the session abruptly ends. Any ideas?