Steam DLC check

we just started using UE4 and are programming games for Steam.
We used before Unity so we did most steam stuff over Plugins…

Well to my question: Im wondering how i can implement the steam DLC stuff to UE4.

Theres a Steam DLC for my game which is called “Unlock Character”
Logically there locked charaters in my game, which will get unlocked.

BUT how can i check if the player purchased the DLC to unlock it for him ?
And what do i have exacly to upload for the DLC so it gets activated on purchase and so on ?

Gürtler Sascha

Hello, I’m interested in this too, did you find a way to achieve this ?

Use the steamworks SDK to check whether or not a player has this and more!
There is a handy tutorial I use here:,_Using_the_Steam_SDK_During_Development
Assuming you are using 4.7 or later, you won’t even need to download the SDK

Where exactly this tutorial mentions dlc?