Steam direct issues HELP!

So im trying to pay the steam direct fee,, ok i add to cart and, BANG ! i get this message,
It looks like you have packages which overlap in your cart. You need to remove the redundant packages from your cart before you can checkout.
Do i need to do something to get steam direct and upload a title, i didnt have to do much in greenligth idk about steam direct, also do you guys get the same problem when trying to add it =?

IDK but i think that you need to register steamworks or something am i wrong ? thanks for the help a lot apreciated if any.

what other things do you have in your cart?

Nothing it’s just that, it’s like it’s taking, it’s like you got to do other stuff idk, But if i wanna buy like a “game” i can , the purchase button not disabled anymore.

did you actually register in the steamworks partner site? it is required for steam direct.
you can’t just buy a steam direct game license and publish your game, you need to register because of legal and tax reasons

maybe is that what you you need chosker thanks for telling me, i will ask to steam support just in case.