Steam Dedicated Server won't work in UE4.24


I updated to UE4.24 recently and noticed the Steam integration is no longer working as it has before.

I again followed this guid:
And also set up a new blank project with a clean setup and copied the content of the game to the new project. I got it to a point whre Steam is integrated in a way that I can write Achievements on the Client and the Steam API no longer failes when starting a dedicated server.

But there is still an issue:

If the dedicated server starts without any issue on the Steam API the Server won’t be found from the game and I can’t connect via IP. If I change the config to a way the SteamAPI failes to initialitze in the Server, it’S still not listed but I can connect via IP.

This worked in UE 4.22 perfectly fine but no longer works in UE 4.24 (UE4.23 was also broken). Is there any up to date guid how it might work and what to fix?

Maybe this:

UE4 4.23 Patch notes:

New: Steamworks support has been updated to version 1.42 of the Steam SDK. If your project uses the “-force_steamclient_link” flag, you must now bundle it with the following .dll files for the architecture your application is targeting. (Note that these file names are appended with “x64” on 64-bit machines):

These files are typically located in the installation directory of the Steam client software, and are no no longer included with UE4. Place them in the same directory as your “steam_api.dll”, generally located in the Engine’s “/Binaries/ThirdParty/Steamworks/(SteamVersion)/(WindowsPlatformArchitecture)” path.