Steam dedicated server connection not working

Hi, I’m trying to connect to a dedicated server with Steam, but when I use “open IP:port” command on console, nothing happens. Without Steam it works, but with Steam it doesn’t. server and client are not giving errors in logs.

This is log of server:

Hey ,

There’s a currently unresolved known issue with 4.10.1 and beyond (UE-24894) in which packaged games cannot find sessions on same machine. Are you attempting to connect to instances of game on same machine? When you say with or without Steam, are you referring to running Steam Client, or using Steam OSS in project’s DefaultEngine.ini?

I opened a topic here: Dedicated server with Steam is a joke - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums
but none knows how to resolve this problem.
I’m running a dedicated server on a bought VPS, so it’s not on same machine.
If I run game and dedicated server without OSS Steam, I can connect to servers and play, while if I run game with OSS Steam, I can’t connect to servers.

I tried using project by TheMunky linked in thread here: Unreal Engine 4.8 Pre. 4 Steam Issues - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums
I can find session, but when I join, it says “Failed”, so join is failing for some reason.

That project wasn’t working to begin with, but after some changes I was able to make it work. I’ve read through forums thread you linked to, and it seems to indicate a setup problem on your end. I’ve asked developers to look at thread to see if they can catch anything I may have missed, but they’re a bit busy and I don’t know if they’ll get to it. I’ll continue attempting to assist in meantime.

I would suggest starting a new project in binary version of 4.10.2 and set it up same way. If same issues persist, then I’d share as much of process as you did, including code and every step of process. If issue does not occur in a new project, then we can at least narrow it down to a problem with code in your current project.

Incidentally, you may wish to reign in your friend Zeb89 on that forums thread. people there are being generally friendly and trying to help. His behavior may drive them away.

I would also ask this: are you using a Shipping Build? I’m assuming this is a C++ project… are you using C++ to create session, or Blueprints?

Does same issue occur in your project if you revert to using 480 AppID?

What changes did you make to get it working? That was a clean project with some basic sessions, so why is it not working? We will try to use 480 app ID.

We’ve tried Epic Games launcher version, Github version and get same issue. connection seems to time out when joining server. Without Steam there are no issues.

We’re using always development builds, both with C++ and Blueprints.

EDIT: We’re having saming issue with 480 app ID: game finds session, but it fails joining.

That sounds like more of a port or firewall issue than anything else. Can you test this on two systems that are NOT behind a firewall? Can you also attach your project’s DefaultEngine.ini file?

Thanks for support. Now we made listen server work, but dedicated server is still not working as you can see in topic.

Hi . Our situation is depressing.

Our game has been greenlit and over 7000 yes voters are waiting for our first public release. We are stuck because of this issue. I sincerely hope you can put us through to someone in right department who can help us out.


Unfortunately I can’t help much at this point. people helping on forums are much more knowledgeable, having gone through Steam dedicated server process themselves (we can’t test much here without a fake greenlit project, which is not a possibility at this point). I will ping developers again on Monday to see if they have any bandwidth to help, but since it does not appear to be a bug and is instead likely a setup issue, I don’t know what to expect. I will let them know situation.

In meantime, if you’d like to send a download link to a zipped copy of project to me via PM on forums, I’d be happy to take a look and, if they can spare time, make it available to devs. You can reach me here:

In meantime, I recommend continuing discussion with forums folks, and answering any questions they might have for you. It’s not impossible that one of them might be able to look at your project as well to offer insight, though obviously I could not promise anything in that regard.

I will keep this post open and unresolved for now so I can keep tracking it and forums post.

Hi . Thanks for reply. Now I’m trying to do system that I want in engine code, because I need to authenticate clients via Steam, and there is no documentation about how to do that, so now I’m trying to use Steam API directly from engine identity subsystem interface.

Hi ,

It looks like you’ve got a handle on situation based on forums post you linked. Please let us know if you discover a bug in process, and I can enter a report for it. I will resolve this post for now, but feel free to comment on this answer and I’ll be alerted. Thanks!

Hey man, I have same problem. Did you solve it? :smiley: ( Sorry for reviving a post decade ago :stuck_out_tongue: )

I could connect Dedicated Server without SteamSocketsPlugin. ( in Editor, not shipping :frowning: )