Steam Controller Support


We’ve been trying to use the Steam Controller (final version) with our game, with no success. Even on a new blueprint project, all the action mappings that we set up don’t seem to trigger, specially the ones associated with the gamepad face button and shoulder keys. Trying to detect the gamepad face button inputs directly on the blueprint using the Gamepad Events doesn’t seem to work either - most of the buttons either don’t do anything, or do something completely different to what we’re setting them up to do inthe blueprint. There are some Steam-specific input events (Back Left/Right and Touch 0-3), but they don’t seem to do anything at all. We’ve activated the Steam Controller Plugin, but we end up with the same results. We’ve set up the Steam Online Subsystem in DefaultEngine.ini, and we can successfully run the game within Steam’s environment, so Steamworks seems to be correctly set up.

Is the final version of the Steam Controller currently supported by the engine? And if it is, what are the steps to detect input from it successfully?

We’re on UE4.10.1.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the delay with reply!

If you want to use the native API for SteamController (the new one, available in recent Steamworks), there’s no code support for this yet. However, there is a number of ways you can configure your Steam controller; if you select a joystick template, it should be exposed through controller APIs native for the platform you are running the game on, and you should be able to control the game with it similarly like you can with, say, an Xbox controller.

Here you can learn more about setting up the controller: Steam Input (Steamworks Documentation) Hope this helps! :slight_smile: