Steam content publishing accumulating old files, mod is currently broken.

Originally posted here as I figured it was a steam content delivery network issue.

The mod is

I am getting a publisher error for greater than 2GB file size (arbitrary error? I believe the limit was raised because my first publish was greater than 2gb)

Examining the contents of the output folder the root (Windows) contains

Directory of W:\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output\JurassicArk\CookedMods\JurassicArk

07/13/2015 10:43 PM <DIR> .
07/13/2015 10:43 PM <DIR> …
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 2,797,217 DigiMapEmpty.uasset
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 2,797,219 DigiMapFilled.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM <DIR> LinuxMac
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 2,797,207 MapBook.uasset
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 2,797,217 MapBookEmpty.uasset
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 2,645 PrimalGameData_BP_JurrasicARK.uasset
07/13/2015 10:43 PM 30,440 StandardMode_JurassicARK.uasset
6 File(s) 11,221,945 bytes
3 Dir(s) 386,253,672,448 bytes free

The LinuxMac folder contains

Directory of W:\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output\JurassicArk\CookedMods\JurassicArk\LinuxMac

07/15/2015 06:55 PM <DIR> .
07/15/2015 06:55 PM <DIR> …
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 2,797,217 DigiMapEmpty.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 2,797,219 DigiMapFilled.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 1,004,505,933 Land.umap
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 2,797,207 MapBook.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 2,797,217 MapBookEmpty.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 53
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 2,645 PrimalGameData_BP_JurrasicARK.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 1,015,304,533 SiteA.umap
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 30,440 StandardMode_JurassicARK.uasset
07/15/2015 06:55 PM 1,247,369,586 WelcomeToJurassicARK.umap
10 File(s) 3,278,402,050 bytes
2 Dir(s) 386,253,672,448 bytes free

Can you please help me sort out why output is cooking Land and SiteA? I renamed the map in Unreal, this latest time so it simply said “WelcomeToJurassicARK” while loading the map… Thought it was a good idea, but it appears the 3rd map name change was not the charm :frowning:

Please note, this is a currently top trending mod and development has stopped since I cannot get a clean publish out, or even launch the mod/map from a dedicated server using the compiled instructions I have posted on the workshop page. If I cannot get the map to host dedi, I wouldn’t expect others to. I need users feed back in order to fix terrain issues - and I need a major foliage/NPC update for the map to be considered tangible in quality.

Please help!

I have no idea if this is actually the case, but I did see a dev question a user with workshop upload problems if they had a large amount of content uploaded on their steam account (like screenshots etc.) so I got the jist that there is possibly a data cap as well per user. If your previous upload worked, that previous upload may still be contributing to the limit you have. Uploading a mod that is right on the limit (which I believe was only 500mb originally) may be very difficult to do. Googling up the limit on skyrim, sounds like they only have 100mb to work with so that is why you see so much more on a third party site.

Ping for any info or fixes to this problem. I have uploaded over 3GB in one go (1gb linux and 2gb windows) a number of times. This only started when the name of the map got changed. Any ideas?