Steam build instructions for 4.13 / 4.14

Where are the current instructions to build for uploading to Steam? What is the bare minimum to just put a UE4 game build up into a steam depot? Assuming all the steps on Steam were done correctly and have the appid and depot id allready.

I have found several ones that talk about copying files around, but then I see also references stating that it is no longer necessary in newer engine versions. It is confusing.

I did nothing with my project, just followed the instructions form steam and got a manifest error. I think it didn’t copy my project over to the sdk tools directory, but I’m not sure.

Enabling the Steam plugin and do find the steam .dll in the packaged binaries.
I did add to the DefaultEngine.ini files as well the module to the target and build .cs

But, I’m pretty sure the error is because I followed old instructions. No Steam overlay by Shift+Tab in shipping build.

Does someone have an updated tutorial up for Steam Integration? The documentation is several versions out of date, even describing copying .dll’s around, the plugin seems to do that now.

While I don’t have the overlay working in Standalone, it does work in Steam once I got the build configured correctly in the Steamworkshop.

Can you explain how you got it to work? I had a working steam game in 4.11 but I am trying to see if I can build a small steam game with 4.14. I have the plugin enabled but once i change the ini file by using Allar’s steps I get a fatal error when testing game