Steam audio: Attenuation plugin setting doesn't available (UE4.20)

I have followed all the steps in order to setup STEAM AUDIO and use for audio occulsion.

  1. First, i have created a shortcut (with the extension -audiomixer) and run the project.
  2. Edit/plugin/audio STEAM enabled
  3. In Project setting/plattform/windows : steam enabled as plugin preference
  4. I created an audio asset
  5. I added an attenuation distance asset

But, even i override or not override atteniuation setting,
i don’t find the section attenuation plugin seeting.

So i follow all the steps after :

  1. For the sound source asset: i add a component phonon source (unic identifier: 1)
  2. For a wall: i use a basic cube mesh: add component: phonon material and phonon geometry
  3. I add a phonon probe volume, and i generate probes (i obtain a grid of blue plots)
  4. I back the source, all is clean,
  5. I run, and nothing happen, just UE4 basic sound attenuation without occlusion

I think that the problem comes from audiomixer?
Thanks for your help, it will be very precious…

C’est bon, problème résolu.

Hi! Can you please tell me how did you sort this out?


hi citymmersion, I had the same problem, you will find the answer in this video at arround 0:58:

you havactivate the audiomixer with this steps:

  1. create a desktop shortcut of the engine
  2. right mouse click - choose properties
  3. in the shortcut tab/Start in add: -audiomixer
  4. press apply, ok
  5. Done:)

It should look like that
“E:\Engines\Epic Games\Versions\UE_4.20\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” -audiomixer