Steam as Version Control?

Hi guys!

I hear that it’s possible to upload your projects to Steam and send that link to friends/team members. So when working on a project you can upload to Steam and the rest of the team can update their version through Steam.

I’ve managed to get Steam integration to work with a template project, by following this:

The next step is to figure out how to upload it to Steam, but from what I have found online I might need to go through their Steamlight program?

I’m wondering if anyone has tried using Steam as version control, if so, how they did it

Kind regards

Hi Eidriaen,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it. However, if you are still interested, the following documentation describes Steam implementation in more recent versions of the Engine: Online Subsystem Steam