Steam API Project

I am looking for someone to help restructure and simplify my UE4 project.
Basically, I have implemented the Steam API into my project (blueprints only) to serve as a foundation for multiplayer games.
I need some help in cleaning up the blueprints and reorganizing everything into an easy to use system, so that the project can be quickly added to other projects to instantly add Steam compatibility.

Features I currently have:

  • Server browser (works alright)
  • Main menu
  • Host players
  • Invite and Join
  • Quick play search
  • Team selection
  • Text and voice chat
  • Game settings
  • Player controller
  • Map vote system
  • Scoreboard
  • Spectating
  • Damage triggers
  • Multiplayer rag-doll
  • Different game modes
  • Steam connected shop (doesn’t work yet since no Steam game ID is associated).

Please let me know if you have Steam API experience and blueprint experience. I don’t mind if the whole thing is rewritten in C++. I also need to figure out how to package it all into one project/plugin. Because right now it requires an additional plugin (found on the forums) to function correctly.

This will be sold on the marketplace, so it needs to be as simple to use as possible and maintain all functionality. I mostly do animations and models, so I need some help.
This can either be paid (for the work completed on it), or we can work out a percentage for any future sales on the marketplace.

Contact me at this email: centerofnothing(at)hotmail(dot)com

Center of Nothing