Steam and Royalties

I am quite worried about the whole 5% royalties, so i decided to make a few questions. Though this might not be the place for it, i couldn’t find any better.

Does Steam have any sort of ‘automation’ for paying the royalties? Or everything have to be done by hand? I would love if all of the problems i had to face in making a game, were to be game-related, and not business related. I have absolutely no knowledge on legal/commercial issues that might emerge on this, what should i expect? Can anyone share previous experiences?

Making games comercially is business. If you don`t want to do it, hire somebody else. If you are unable to hire somebody else, do it yourself! Information on EVERYTHING is freely available on the web for everyone, including you.

Steam does not pay the royalties, you do. Valve isn’t the licensee.You receive monthly automatic payments from Valve and sales reports. You then take that sales report and calculate your 5% on the reported amount, and then pay that to Epic every quarter. That is not much paper work. You will have far more overhead dealing with your tax office probably than dealing with the 5%.

So much for my ‘submit-and-forget’ approach that I was hoping to be able to have.
Hopefully by then I will be making enough to pay someone else to do this, there is plenty of companies that specialize in dealing with this kind of thing, right?

How much are you going to pay the guy to divide the amount valve sent you by 20 and send that money in a bank transfer over to epic? No need for a specialised company, I’m always here when you get to that point mate :cool:.

I live in Brazil, the country of taxes and bureaucracy, having absolutely no knowledge on how to get this done.

I am just extremely worried about something going wrong somehow…