Steam Advanced Session compile problem

I am making a multiplayer game and I am using Advanced Steam Sessions, I exported the game but it was not launching, but then one youtuber suggested to add a c++ class to game files and I did it but now the game dosent compile and shows this error
Screenshot (138)

The Editor showed me this message while making the c++ class but I ignored it, is this the reason for it??

Generally this message appears when you’re trying to create a new C++ class, but some other classes have errors in them, so the engine can’t compile the project, because it compiles everything at the same time. What happens if you press Compile now? It must give you some errors so that you could understand what’s wrong.

okk, that problem is solved now but there is a new problem in which steam sub system is not working in the packaged game

See this thread: Why is OnlineSubsystemSteam not working? - Development Discussion / C++ Programming - Unreal Engine Forums
Might help.

Yes That helped thankyou