Steam Achievements with blueprints?

My achievements always tick sucesseful on the blueprint, apparently, everything works fine except that the achievement doesnt count on Steam. Why? I’ve tested with my on AppID and with the Spacewar ID and its the same…

Does anyone actually knows how make this works? I’ve seen and tested many and many tutorials from here, none one them actually helped me out. And seems that everybody has the same problem but if they do find answer, they never post here…


I’m facing a similar issue for version 4.25 (blueprint).

The game runs outside the editor and connects to Steam (shift+tab working) and i can active the achievements, but when I package and send to Steam, the Steam popup appears too, but the achievements are not activated.

Did you find a solution?

Hey Gabriel!

Did you happen to see this UE Forum tutorial? Check through that and see if anything stands out!

Looking at your specific issue, it sounds like the API might not be matching up.

Has your game been greenlit on Steam? Achievements will not activate on Steam otherwise.

Make sure you added the achievements to your DefaultEngine.ini under [OnlineSubsystem] in the exact way shown here

And make sure the achievement names match EXACTLY on Steam!

Hope this helps! Double-check these things and get back to us!

Hi Mind-Brain!

My problem is similar to Gabriel’s. My game is already published on Steam and I made all the settings as you described.
In unreal’s standalone mode I can activate the achievements (as shown in the image), but when I package,send to Steam, and run the game through Steam the achievements do not work.

Sorry I haven’t seem this before. Have you managed to fix your problem? I already found the problem on mine. If you need any help and If I’m capable, I’d be glad to help you

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For my problem, the solution was to remove the quote marks from default engine file. Over the tutorials, I’ve seem examples such as

And I was filling the text exactly like that. Instead of that, I did:

Without the quote mark and poof, it worked! Now my game achievements are working on Steam.

Have you managed to solve your problem? If I can help, let me know