Stealth TakeDown Help!

Hi all, im trying to create a Stealth Takedown System, i have the animations for enemy and player and i have them playing fine all works well there, my only problem is how can i snap the player into position? because at the moment the player could be looking slightly to the left or right and then the animations don’t line up right and it ruins it, any help would be much appreciated.

I think the way of doing it would be technically attaching the two pawns to one another temporarily and playing 2 montages. One for the attacker and one for the victim. The reason why would would attach the pawns is that it would force the “victim” to snap to the proper position. IIRC that’s how games like Wolfenstein: The New Order did it.

You can see the same behaviour in almost all of the Metal Gear series as well.

oh i never thought of that! can you have the montages play at the pawns location? what would be the best way to attach them? i tried to use the teleport node to get the player to teleport to the currect location but he always falls through the floor.

Montages would play on the the meshs animinstance so they would play at w/e location you are at currently. For example you would place a point on your player character at its feet at the proper distance that is required. This could be an arrow component, target point or something that has a location (maybe even a socket). You would then grab the enemy and attach them to this point using snap to target. This works like a teleport in a sense because it will move them to this point. From there, you would play your characters montage, as well as casting or maybe a blueprint interface to force the enemy to play its montage. At that point you just have to adjust the attachment point so that they line up :slight_smile:

You can create sockets on both the attacker and victim and have the victim snap to attackers socket.
Ie, if the attacker grabs the neck, then create a socket on the grabbing hand, and a socket on the victim’s neck.

where did you got the animations from?
I need some :confused: