Stealth RPG from new group, looking for smart people.

We are a bunch of casuals making an ambitious game. If you are slightly less casual than us, and also know how to do computer stuff, that’d be great.

But seriously, we have artists and writers. That would be great for a graphic novel, but not a video game. If you could help us out that would be brilliant. It’s a labour of love of course, and we’re all going to be broke by the end. But there’s also the chance it could be amazing. So if you’re a dreamer like us, and aren’t too worried about working regular hours, maybe drop us a line.

I’m interested in joining a team but I’m pretty much a newbie at programming. All I want is to learn both programming and teamwork while Being with others Who share my passion. If you want me to join you we can discuss, if not then good luck with your game :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m a programmer with 2D experience but I believe jumping over to 3D would be easy enough. I had a few questions about your project.

  • What platform are you developing for?
  • Do you have any work to show your current teams skillset?
  • Can you explain the game type more, use examples?
  • What are the ages of current members? (it does matter unfortunately)

HI… I am Sam… I am a student just 17. But i have a bit previous experience with some other Game Engines. I am new to UDK. I can learn anything quicky. Now I ill be available only after April 1