Stealth game - attacking players last known location.

I have been working on a stealth game with a small group and we have hit a bump.
we have been going on the idea that upon detection, you get a small window to hide again or the player is destroyed.
however i was wondering if there is a way to mark the location that the player was detected at, then have the AI attack that location rather than just killing the player.
so the player will have a chance to dodge the attacks and hide.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

The best approach would be to save the last known location in a Vector variable, so you create this variable in a blueprint where it would make sense (GameMode would be fitting) and whenever you want to save the players last known location (assuming that you want to do this from the player blueprint), use **Get Game Mode -> Cast to YourGameModeName -> (as YourGameModeName) SET YourLastLocation -> Input of SET is GetActorLocation.

**​Hope that helps.

Drop a Last Known Player Location marker where the AI last saw the player. Feed that marker’s location information to the AI as a target.

Seems to be working on first testing, thanks alot :slight_smile:

Nice to hear! If you have further question, just write here :cool: