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Price Adjusted to 49.99$
Youtube Playlist With Overview And Tutorials

Additional PDF Documentation:

Product Updated to 1.1
If you get an error when the editor is Opened go on

Edit – Editor Preferences –
In general tab go on Experimental and Activate “Environment Querying System”

And Reopen the Project Now Covers Will work as intended.
I previously released a really dated and old version with only Patrol/Search/Idle/Hostile Function for this AI and it was only on sellfy, but I had quite a huge amount of request for a Marketplace version.
It took me some time but I added mostly all of the features that were suggested to me in the past.
The Character Code is Just placeholder and not really intended for the project, the focus is all on the AI.
Even though the character has a few interesting functions such as Grabbing/Removing Disguise, Hacking turrets/Cameras/Drones
Placeholder Nightvision (you can actually see in pitch black situations with 0 lights in the scene).
Grab physics objects and throw them, “such as cans for distractions” or throw a distraction with a predicted arc.
Dragging Bodies functionality as well.

Now talking about the ai.
AI has an awareness system that switches between states, Idle/Suspicious/Patrolling/Searching/Hostile and Alerted Substate. Awareness is dictated and set to maximum when the player is spotted, or gradually increases when the AI hears sounds "footsteps, shooting, bodies dragged or dropped, AI dying, AI shooting, Turrets shooting, disguises taken or removed, flying or shooting with a drone, Bullets impacting walls or items or bodies, Distraction thrown, both player-generated or picked up in the level almost everything makes a sound for the AI).


Idle state:
AI will just sit Idle in a position, you can configure if it has to play animations, or a single animations in a loop or no loop, or random animations.

Patrol State:
AI will patrol within specified points, and each point has its own settings such as what animation to play, random wait times, orientation, etc.
When AI enters any other state that does not patrol, when it cools down it goes back into patrol mode.
While Patrolling AI can crouch under objects and navigate areas while crouched. the AI can also vault over obstacles in Patrol/Search/Hostile state. and AI can also climb over ledges. or Jump over gaps.

Searching State: the AI will go into search State in 4 ways.

  1. Heard too many sounds and goes into investigation in the location where it last heard the sound, and then picks the closest search point and begins a search for the player.
  2. AI Heard a body dropping or Saw a body, and it’s moving to the body location if the body is moved when the AI reaches the body will go into search if a body is destroyed in front of the AI will send an alert status.
  3. AI Switched from Hostile State to SearchState after not seeing the player for a set amount of time, and goes into the last seen location or heard location and starts a search picking the closest search point with all the relative’s subpoints.
  4. AI Switched off from Alerted Status and goes check into the last location where it spotted the Body to see if it can find the player, or the body again. (Only happens when AI was the first to find a body).

Search points can have an unlimited amount of subpoints and can be configured as you see fit for your gameplay purposes.

Hostile State:
In a hostile state, the AI has seen the Player or a player-controlled drone/turret

The AI can strafe (or not) it’s up to you on what you put into the configuration of the AI.
AI Can throw grenades (FlashBangs on last seen location) or frag grenades. it will select between the 2 depending on both the AI and Player Position.

Ai can throw the grenade over the wall, directly at the player, or on the last seen location.

AI can also detect dead bodies or hear dead bodies of their fallen comrades.
AI has radius/area alert while detecting dead bodies, and also a call for help function both Radius and Area as well when spotting the player.

AI Can Also detect if the player is standing in shadows or in light calculating the % of player visibility and each AI can be configured to Ignore shadows, or only see above 50% player visibility or 10% you choose it.

Almost every single setting can be configured on the AI from movement speed in all states and behavior, fire rate, ammo count, health, voice lines and much much more.
There’s more info on the product page, and in the video overview.
Also, I’m planning to release more video tutorials for every single feature.

I’m always open to suggestions and new things to add in future updates! let me know how and what I can improve, or what feature you would like to be added for the AI.

Important Edit, Lowered the price to 34.99$ after chatting with a few people, the intended price for the product was originally 40$ and decided to lower it to 34.99$ to make it more accessible for everyone.
Will also upload More videos within the week for all the features and how to use them (Currently with the Flu and cannot record) Be sure to leave suggestions for things you would like to see in a future update, thank you!

Youtube Playlist added and Updated with
AI Idle/Patrol/Search/Hostile Tutorials and Setup.
Currently working on a Dynamically Generated Cover System.

1.1 Update Submitted to Epic, for a quick Overview of the Update here’s the Youtube Playlist Updated:

As for the future of the Kit, the Price has been adjusted to 50$ after the feedback received from people who bought the KIT, and all the planned features that will be added over time “slowly” the price will change, as the Kit will make the Transition from AI-focused to a Fully Customizable Template to Make Stealth Games such as Metal Gear / Splinter Cell and so on.

Update 1.1 Brings Dynamically Generated Covers for the AI.

The Full Changelogs for the Update / Tweaks / Fixes Can be found in the PDF Document Here:

Product Updated to 1.1

Video Added on the Playlist on how to enable EQS in order to Activate Covers when adding the Updated Project from the VaultCache

If you get an error when the editor is Opened go on

Edit – Editor Preferences –
In general tab go on Experimental and Activate “Environment Querying System”

And Reopen the Project Now Covers Will work as intended.